Learning Center

we offer a series of workshops to assist you in building your company. these workshops are free to small business owners. 

We recognize that business owners have great passion but short on resources; especially the capital required to be more efficient in running their business. So oscarlawson has created a series of workshops that give you a starting point to build on your knowledge of key subjects. at the moment oscarlawson offers two workshops.

  • Our workshop on business planning works equally well for both the startup and the active businesses. Click here to see the current schedule of business planning workshops.

  • Working ON your business is the topic of this workshop. Small business owners work hard to get and keep their businesses up and running. But that is working "IN" your business. Working "ON" your business is about doing the consulting work required to grow your business. Click here to see the current schedule of working ON your business workshops. 
  • Tech Corner - bringing the latest in technology and how it impacts your bottom line.


  • Thought Leadership - discussing new and emerging ideas and their practical application 


  • Customer Experience - shifting to a Customer Experience (CE) is an all encompassing process. One that will yield enormous insight into your organization and drive more profit to your bottom line.